This Holiday Season: Our Commitment to You

By now, you’ve probably read about the global supply chain chaos, noticed the price increases across product categories, and heard about labor shortages from different business owners. Yes, all of these are true, as a result, this upcoming holiday season could be more hysterical than we want, however, please be rest assured that we are here to help, and here are our commitment to you during this unprecedented time: 

We are committed to keeping current prices unchanged for all products we have in stock.  

We are committed to opening at our highest possible capacity. If our hours of operation don't work for you, please don’t hesitate to Make An Appointment with us. 

We are Committed to sourcing quality products for different occasions and events, from head to toe, from everyday wear to special occasions. 

We are committed to always offering the best customer services. Not only will we give wholehearted help to every customer, we also offer Free Gift Wrapping, Free US Shipping for all of you - the lines in post offices can be long during the holidays, please let us help you. 

We are Committed to always growing to be the best we can be by listening and learning. Please let us know how we can further improve and meet your expectations by emailing or talking to us. 


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