Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is only a week away! Here at The Girls @ Los Altos we have already started celebrating. It’s so easy to just run into a store and pick up a pack of Valentine’s Day cards to distribute at your child’s school. This might be the easiest route to go, but not the most fun! Homemade Valentine’s Day cards are the way to go. Not only is it a great craft to keep our children entertained but also teaches our children that making something from the heart and giving it to a friend is much more special. 

“But we have to make 20 cards! That’s too many...” Fear not! Make the cards easy and fast to make by using stamps! You can make the stamps yourself with a good ol’ potato or even an eraser! Here are some instructions for a potato stamp ( and an eraser stamp. (

 Not up for making your own stamps? We love the adorable designs and quality of Yellow Owl Workshop stamp sets. We had a Valentine’s Day Card making workshop in our store with 5 kids using the Rose Pattern Stamp Set (, the Cat Love Stamp Set (, and the Love You Stamp Set ( The kids also made really cute bumble bee “Bee Mine” cards. Instructions for those can be found here. (

The kids had a blast stamping and playing in our store!

Many of our customers have been coming into the store buying Valentine’s Day gifts for their children. One of the mothers at our card making event  was so impressed with the Yellow Owl Workshop ( stamps that she bought quite a few sets. The Yellow Owl Workshop necklaces have been a hit with moms and daughters alike! The hip Cat Love Pendant ( and the Je’Taime Pendant ( necklaces feature hearts and many of the girls like the cheeriness of the Rainbow Pendant ( necklace. The pendants are gilded in 22 karat gold with an 18 karat gold-dipped chain. They are lovely!


Our dress up ( clothes have also been a popular choice for Valentine’s Day. Then again, those are always popular!

Check back here next week to find out what “It’s Princess Party Time” is all about :-)

Happy Valentine’s Day from us at The Girls @ Los Altos!

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