Birthday Party

Party Theme

Dress up and Crafts

Party Duration & Venue

2.5 hours 

The Girls @ Los Altos, 239 State Street, Los Altos


10am: Arrive. Dress up in our beautiful Pink Poppy party dresses and accessories.

10: 30am: Crafts with our art teacher.  Projects include:

- Felt Hair Clips (30 minutes per hair clip);

- Hand-sewn button tree (30 minutes)

- Free Coloring and Stamping ( during transition)

11:30am -12:30 Birthday cake, pizza, and other food of choice.

12:30: We will re-open the store, guests are welcome to hang out, party guests can get free manicure at our nail salon with our "Natural as mud" nail polish if they want.

Food & Drinks

Guests bring cake, pizza, and drinks. We can help you set up and serve.

Party Package includes:

  1. Space Rental for 2.5 hours
  2. Decoration and set up;
  3. Dresses and accessories rental for each guest.
  4. 20% discount on the dresses that are used for the party;
  5. 10% discount coupon for all party guests;
  6. Free Nail salon
  7. Pre-packed Party favor bags ($5 value each)


$600 (We take $200 deposit to confirm the party)

Add-on items: 

  1. Personalized "Thank You Cards"
  2. Catering party lunch from Bumble

You may find our previous party pictures here: